Spotify premium free Apk- Get premium features free cost

About Spotify

Spotify comes from ‘Spot’ and ‘Identify’. Combining two words, it is now Spotify. We know Spotify which provides millions of songs to the listeners. consequently, this is the topmost music apk in the world. Anyone can play music on their android devices through the Spotify music application. It is now available in about 136 countries around the globe. Spotify increases 286 million active users. Its monthly premium subscribers are about 131 million.  In addition,  Spotify Premium free apk is very popular. On the other hand, Spotify has 50 million high stream music and podcasts. You should taste one time in Spotify apk. I am sure that you will never move to other apps like Amazon Music, Youtube Music, and Apple Music.

How to get Spotify apk?

It is very easy getting Spotify Apk. Just go to the google play store and search Spotify apk. Finally, you have to create an account. Ultimately you will get access to the music ocean. Another way, you can go to the Spotify website and do the same thing as the google play store.

Spotify generally provides two types of services- Spotify Free and Spotify premium. Spotify free has some restrictions where the premium or paid users get all benefits. The subscription fee is very low. Anyone can buy it. In addition, people love its premium version. With Spotify, it’s easy to find the right music or podcast for every moment. There are millions of tracks and episodes on Spotify. So whether you’re behind the wheel, working out, partying or relaxing, the right music or podcast is always at your fingertips. Choose what you want to listen to, or let Spotify surprise you.

Spotify Premium Free-Apk

Common Features of Spotify Apk (Free and Premium)

Spotify always tries to give better services to its customers. Spotify music has completed its journey for two decades. But still, now it is evolving every moment to catch customers’ satisfaction. At Present, it has some specific features which separate it from competitors.

Spotify Music Free  Features

  • Sufficient Songs are available for listening.
  • Users get huge podcasts and audiobooks
  • Easy to play music on android devices.
  • This is a very active and responsive application.
  • Users can create playlists certainly.
  • Moreover, Users can find out choice-able music.
  • Spotify can be connected to speakers, Smart TV, Cars, and other android devices
  • However, listeners can follow their friends what they listen to.

Spotify Premium Features

  • Spotify Premium Users get all access to Spotify music streams.
  • There are no ads in premium listeners
  • Therefore, Premium users get a one-month of free service.
  • Users can download any music.
  • They have an offline facility.
  • Unlimited skips are available.
  • In addition, they can create huge playlists
  • Premium users can share their favorites songs with their friends and family member
  • As Its pricing system is country-based so, people can buy premium versions with their ability.
  • After all, Premium users are given all-pro benefits.


Spotify Premium Free Apk

Premium Apk is the modified version of Spotify Music. It has been developed by some young genius engineers. Spotify pro users get all facilities but free users get limited offers. For this purpose, Premium free apk users find pro offers without paying money. Above all, It supports only Android devices. So Android users can use it. Its installation process is simple. Users can enjoy all music. They download songs and podcasts as their wish. In short, no coin needs behind it.

Spotify premium free apk Installation process

Spotify Premium free apk is available in this blog post. Just go to  the download  link and follow the given instructions below ( Premium unlocked)


You have to uninstall or remove the Facebook apk from your devices


In this step, you should download Spotify premium free apk from the download button on your devices.


Just carefully open Spotify Premium free apk and signup with your Facebook account.


You can sign in after completing the signup process. finally, You will sign in successfully and see all pro offers.


Now you should install/ reactive your Facebook App…Done.


Is Spotify Premium Free APK  safe for devices?

Yes, It is safe to use. It is developed directly from Spotify Premium Apk. Thus, it is tested properly and ensured you use it

Can the User download songs to their devices to listen offline?

It is not possible in Spotify premium free apk. However, If you are originally signing up for the premium plan. you can do that.

Why can’t users access  Spotify in their country?

Spotify doesn’t support all countries in the world. Consequently, users face this problem. In this situation, the listener uses  VPN  to change the IP address.

Can Users install the Spotify premium Free Apk version for iOS?

It is not possible. It is only applicable for Android devices. Moreover, It will possible for PC through emulators.

How can we install it?

This task is very simple. You just uninstall Facebook apk, and then you have to install Spotify premium Free apk. Now you can enjoy the music ocean.


In conclusion, we can say that Spotify Premium free apk is a popular application in the world for its specific features. People can conveniently use it on their android devices. This is to say you have to be cautious about the thing you are doing. Also, it is very important to know the danger of utilizing this app. Your Spotify record can be stopped for a short time or forever. We will not be liable for anything that incorrectly happens to your record.  However, All the data given on this site are just for instructive purposes. It relies upon how you chose to utilize it.