Spotify web player- Spotify has designed unlimited music for all in 2021


About Spotify music

Spotify music application is the topmost music service provider in the world. It always tries to redesign its service day by day for the users. Recently Spotify has opened a new facility for desktop users named Spotify web player. This is very easy to use. It has two parts- The desktop app and web aligning.

The dimensions are both easier to use than ever before. The Spotify company declared that this application is a new, clean, and new foundation. As a result, listeners control more to use both the desktop app and web player.  Spotify has b given a customized look to desktop users. Since the inception of Spotify music, it has been redesigning its experiences for customers’ demand. That’s why it is very popular across the world. They have a target to reach 178 countries at end of the 2021.

Basically, Spotify Application provides free and premium music features. Now Spotify web player has the same but in the desktop mood, its free facilities are greater than free Spotify android users.  Moreover, Spotify has some modified versions also- for example, Spotify mod apk, Spotify premium mod apk, Spotify crack, and Spotify premium ios.



How to use Spotify web player

It is super simple to install or use Spotify web player. First of all, the listener has to confirm the internet connection. Then he/she goes to the Spotify website. In this step, the user has to create an account. Here an Email Id, password, birth date, gender selection, and profile name are needed. Finally, the User will get an option ‘Prefer for ad-free music’. If the user selects it, he/she will not face any ads at the time of listening. An interface will open in front of the listener. The listener will have two options- directly play the songs or download the desktop app. Another important thing is the listener can create playlists search for any singer as his/ her own choice.

Spotify premium web player

Spotify premium users can upgrade the web player. They can use it according to their choice. there is a one-month premium free. The desktop app now has the download button next to tracks for more ease to paid users. It starts at only $5.99 per month. Premium subscription varies from country to country.  However, the user can cancel the subscription at any time. They can download music and podcasts. They can also listen to music offline.


 Enable the Spotify web player

Spotify web player enables to support Google Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browser. The three browsers are very common all over the world. So the listener has no problem enjoying music all the time. when you try to use the web player, you simply need to enable the Widevine plugin or download a media pack. Its search bar is set on the left side of the navigation page. You can easily install web player by the following link-